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Leona Dwi Untari - The Voice Indonesia

Talent show like Indonesian Idol, X Factor, AFI, and now The Voice Indonesia have given us many new talents in national music industry. I am not a person who always stay in tune to watch those talent show, many of them I knew when I do my activities in Youtube like usually for my internet jobs. Like this video that I share in this posting. U must see this video first and then read my comment bellow :)

Here we are : Leona Dwi Untari - The Voice Indonesia. Just listen to her voice and do not staring on her beautiful face at the first :) And U will know why I must review this performance.

Source : Youtube 
*If U have difficulty to watch from video I've uploaded U can jump to original link in the word "Youtube" above.

The first feeling I've got was goosebump...like Glenn said. And remind me to Whitney Houston. And the song she sang was Whitney's too. Whitney Houston used to be a singer with incredible voice who mastery low and high tone at the same best. So when we listen to Whitney we feel that Whitney is travelling in her song easily.

And I see the same power in this girl. It's amazing and I hope Leona will be the new one who give new atmosphere in national music industry. Please vote for Leona. I do not know her personally, I just once watch her in this video, and I am not her support team. I just admiring for her capability and eager for her success. 

I hope this article inspiring all of U to find and do something with ur talent. Success for all !