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English Conversation 2 (How do you want your eggs ?)

Hafalkan percakapan ini :

Waiter :
What would you like to order?

Agus  :
I'd like ham and eggs, please.

Waiter :
How do you want your eggs?

Agus :
What are my choices?

Scrambled, sunny side-up, over-easy, and over-hard*.

Agus :
Scrambled, please.  Hm, no, I think I want sunny side-up..

Is there anything else?

Agus :
One orange juice.  Make it small, please.


Scrambled eggs is a quick, easy and popular breakfast dish. It is called the perfect English Breakfast by some, and is absolutely delicious. Eggs do not have to be limited to only eating at breakfast time, but make a tasty, easy to prepare, and healthy dinner.

Sunny side up eggs are fried on one side (unturned), with the yolk remaining runny. This means that the egg is fried just on one side. The yolk is still completely liquid and the whites on the surface are barely set.

Eggs cooked "over easy" means that it gets fried on both sides, but the yolk stays runny.

Over hard egg means cooked on both sides with the yolk broken until hard.