English Corner

If Ican Make You Happy

It's a beautiful moment to meet You
An enchanted eyes
Beautiful smile
A smart laugh
Make my days bright
Though U are not mine

Sometimes I try to imagine
If I could be Yours
If I can make somebody like U happy
In the rest of my life
It will be life in me
In an unhappy life through the years
But I worry
That I'll only start a joke

The story U tell me
in my loneliness
like a star in a dark night

I just want to say
Thank you
To spend Ur time with me
Though I know it's only by chance

Once in my life
May be someday
I want to love somebody
I promise
I will learn to lo love
Like U have said
Every body deserves to have a better future
called HOPE

U need no read this
May be in the future
by chance

By Wen