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Pelajaran 59 - Question Tag 3 -

Contoh-contoh kalimat

You are coming, aren't You?
We have finished, haven't we?
You do like coffee, don't you?
You like coffee, dont you?
They will help, won't they?
I can come, can't I?
We must go, musn't we?
He should try harder, shouldn't they?
You are Indonesian, aren't You?
John was there, wasn't he?

It isn't rain, is it?
We have never seen that, have we?
You don't like coffee, do you?
They will not help, will they?
They won't report us, will they?
I can never do it right, can I?
We musn't tell her, must we?
He shouldn't drive so fast, should he?
You aren't American, are You?
John was not there, was he?

But you don't really love her, do you?
This will work, won't it?
Well, I couldn't help it, could I?
But you'll tell me if she calls, won't you?
We'd never have known, would we?
The weather's bad, isn't it?
You won't be late, will you?
Nobody knows, do they?